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TRACKS OF THE WEEK 7/8/2016 - Willie J Healey, Palace, RyleyWalker,Baba Naga,

Tracks of the Week

Willie J Healey - Pipedreams (2016)
Loving this at the moment by Oxfords Willie J Healey. Ever since I heard "Saturday Night Feeling" I'd put a small wager on him being The Next Big Thing. Comparisons to 'slacker rockers' Mac DeMarco and Kurt Vile are probably fair but I reckon that he's got more mainstream appeal like Weezer. Do yourself a favour and check him out.

Old Pa's Corner:-
Ryley Walker - The Roundabout (2016)

Ryley Walker raised a lot of eyebrows with his first album. It was widely acclaimed. This guitar virtuoso has hit the right spot with this track from his new album. I'm off to Neal's roundabout right now.

Baba Naga - 'Odmieńce' (2016)

If psychedelic pagan gloom metal is your thing, then look no further than Sheffield's Baba Naga. I just can't get enough of these guys at the moment ever since I heard a track whilst sojourning at Sfw's a couple of weeks back. Odemieńce is taken from a double A side featuring the 'just as brain melting', Somos Lobos released in February this year. Shaman muthaf@£*er....ehm sorry. 

Baba Naga official Facebook.....

London Scouser:-
Palace - 'Have Faith' (2016)

The football season is back so I decided to watch some Soccer AM (like Viz, it's not as good as it used to be). On one of their goal highlight compilations I heard this track and liked it immediately. I heard another track, Kiloran by the band earlier this year and liked that but forgot to share it with you. Sorry people. I won't make that mistake with this one though. They have been compared to The Maccabees and Foals, which is pretty good in my book. Their debut album 'So Long Forever' is out later this year, a band to watch for sure.

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TRACKS OF THE WEEK 7/8/2016 - Willie J Healey, Palace, RyleyWalker,Baba Naga,
4/ 5


10 August 2016 at 09:19

Good Stuff! Like them all.

OP - Ryley has that John Martyn feel
FC - I know
LS - Suits you sir

10 August 2016 at 09:26

Sfw: Felt the need to play it twice, which is a good sign. A new name to me. I like it!

Old Pa: You know how much I love Ryley!

Flycasual: Blimey - psychedelic pagan gloom metal? Where do I sign up? Unexpectedly terrific.

London Scouser: I can see the Foals comparison and would also suggest that there's a touch of Local Natives in the mix. Nice.

10 August 2016 at 09:46

Mr Swede. Check out "Saturday Night Feeling" and "Subterraneans" - I like this "kid" a lot!

8 September 2016 at 14:25

SFW, Love this track, Willie will be come big. Video is very apt too ("I can't skate I just have the shoes" is a good line). Just when I think that I'm too old for this skating lark I watch the vid. I've seen the skater before and he's 60 odd

Old Pa, another great track. I really like Ryley Walker, with some good memories of bombing around the Lake District with his album. Can't beat firecrackers, or petards, as they are known in France, especially with a Cabbage Patch doll clipped on to one. Shell Hunter?

LS, three hits and in Battleship that would have sunk a corvette. A band to look out for maybe, definitely get the Foals comparison.