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TRACKS OF THE WEEK 14/08/2016 - Rachel Sermanni, D A R K, Justice

Tracks of the Week

Justice - 'Safe and Sound' (2016)

Passport? Check. Speedos? Check. French themed holiday playlist? Check. Kids? Check. It feels an age since I was on holiday. You're wound up tight as a coil (even tighter if you're travelling with kids, 30 mins into the journey to the airport and the youngest pukes everywhere), after a couple of days you start to relax and by the time you've completely unwound, it's time to go home. French Disco rocker's new single, Safe and Sound was a firm favourite with the kids whilst away and even after playing it for the umpteenth time, still provides us with happy memories, puke and all. If the kids are happy then the parents are happy, right?

London Scouser:-
D.A.R.K.- 'Loosen The Noose' (2016)

I found this track in my Discover Weekly playlist on Spotify, and loved the haunting start. When the vocals started I thought, I know that voice... A google later and I found out it was Delores O'Riordan formerly of The Cranberries. The other vocalist is OlĂ© Koretsky and the third member of the band is Andy Rourke who was in The Smiths. So a pretty good line up. This is a pleasant song without absolutely blowing me away. But as I don't get to listen to much music nowadays, I'll take pleasant. They were formed back in 2009 but Delores joined in 2014. This is from their album 'Science Agrees' which is out early September. I'll definitely give it a listen or two.

Rachel Sermanni - 'Run' (2016)

Here is the latest video/single from Scottish songwriter Rachel Sermanni. I find it all a bit spellbinding - moody melody and a nice bit of distortion pedal for the chorus. It is also time to lose some weight and go for a jog.

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TRACKS OF THE WEEK 14/08/2016 - Rachel Sermanni, D A R K, Justice
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6 September 2016 at 14:57

FC - I need to give this a few listens, maybe sitting in my daughters pool wearing speedos will help? Now there's a look!
LS - I know that voice.....ZOMBIIEEEE!