Wednesday, 28 September 2016

TRACKS OF THE WEEK 26-09-2016 - Leonard Cohen, Adam Torres, Formation

Tracks of the Week

Old Pa :-
Leonard Cohen - You want it Darker (2016)


Well if you want it darker then here goes. This is from Len's new album......and was first featured this year in the seriies Peaky Blinders. Can't say I have watched it but if there has to be an excuse then this must be it.

Formation - 'Drugs' (2016)

Just say no! Right? Unless it's this Escobar standard, bass and percussive heavy electronic number from South London duo, Formation, serendipitously found on a random playlist 'curated' just for me. I'll take a whole shipment of it thank you very much! Aside from my crap drug references, the song is very much about club culture and what people have to do to fit it in to the drugged up 'London Lifestyle'. Drug is taken from their forthcoming album out later this year.

Check their interactive video for 'Drugs', here....

Adam Torres - Morning Rain (2016)

Adam Torres has been one of my favourite listening companions of 2016. The combination of the falsetto vocals, guitar and violin is all very evocative.  It features on his breathtaking second album, Pearls to Swine, which contains some gorgeous songwriting.

It is surprising that following from his debut, 'Nostra Nova', he took time out to work on a water project in the Rio Grande. However once you listen to Pearls to Swine, you can easily visual the vistas and open country of the american southwest. Without me sounding completely ridiculous, I can almost touch the cactus. Ouch.

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TRACKS OF THE WEEK 26-09-2016 - Leonard Cohen, Adam Torres, Formation
4/ 5


11 October 2016 at 15:31

Indeed, the dark and the light this week. Both very good irrespective of whether your a gangster in Birmingham or a Cowboy in Colorado.