Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Van Morrison - Send in the Clowns



 'a kaleidoscope of skipping colors'

VAN MORRISON - Send in the Clowns

Here is an OK version of one of my favorite 'break up songs' done by an 'under rehearsed'  Van Morrison.

And a wee one for all you broken hearted lovers. Never take love for granted or even your wife. Or you might just get your senses ripped.


She came

It was a kaleidoscope of skipping colors
a joyous symphony of  melodic sound
the smell of freshly brewed coffee
frangipani and jasmine
smell of the garden after rain

The future bright so full of hope
life a gift to live and  cherish
smiles and laughter
love and closeness
you were everything to me

She left

Colors changed to black white and grey
the mournful sound of a funeral march
or the scream of dying flowers
I can taste all my tears
running through the sewers

I lost my will and my purpose
see no point in carrying on
she took my breath
my heart my soul
I have nothing left to give

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Van Morrison - Send in the Clowns
4/ 5


7 September 2016 at 09:09

Never seen that Van & Chet clip before. I quite like the under-rehearsed feel of it, which prevents it from being too smooth. 'Senses' is a sad little story, is it based on a real event?

7 September 2016 at 10:23

TS - sitting outside having a beer I like the line 'a kaleidoscope of skipping colors'. The rest was easy. Quickly put in on the trusty phone. True event of course it is.