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TRACKS OF THE WEEK 02-10-2016 - Alex Napping, Goat, Vex Ruffin

Tracks of the Week

Vex Ruffin - 'The Balance' Feat Fab Five Freddy (2016)

Punked out, freaky, dubby Hip Hop featuring Rap pioneer, Fab Five Freddy?......I'm in!! Vex Ruffin is a California beat maker rooted in Hip Hop and is about to drop his debut EP later this year. I for one, on the strength this weird fest, will be listening out intently for.

Alex Napping - Trembles Part II (2016)

A recent discovery, Alex Napping are a four-piece from Austin, TX who have wooed me with this great track. They have captured the quiet/loud thing very well and reminds me of Smashing Pumpkins or is it Pavement? It all starts very angelic with singer Alex Cohen's sweet voice, drum riff and bass guitar and then the distortion slaps you the face when the chorus kicks in. I personally would have liked it (guitar) a bit louder, as I imagine live it would be a tinnitus inducing moment, but who am I? 

They have just signed a deal with Father/Daughter Records and have an album pencilled for release next year. I look forward to hearing more!

Old Pa :-
Goat - Alarms (2016)


I love Goat ever since seeing them live in Latitude a couple of years ago. This is pretty good from their new album. Very Goatish and with a Spaghetti Western feel and and North Africanish feel too. It becomes a bit confusing but works big time. Goat are now out in the open.Another great track from the album is Try My Robe. 2 out of 2 is all good says good old Albert!

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TRACKS OF THE WEEK 02-10-2016 - Alex Napping, Goat, Vex Ruffin
4/ 5


11 October 2016 at 15:45

Alex Napping for me here. Even by my standards Goat are far too freakish for me. Still wished I'd seen them though.