Wednesday, 19 October 2016

TRACKS OF THE WEEK 18/10/2016 - Hiss Golden Messenger. Wovenhand, Loyle Carner


Loyle Carner - 'No CD' Feat Rebel Kleff (2016)

A friend of mine recently bought Introducing the Hardline According to Terence Trent D'arby CD for 50p and spent the afternoon listening to it with his daughter. The beauty of music, playing old songs which meant so much to you growing up, to your children (whether they like it or not is another thing). But it's also the joy of browsing music stores to find those lost gems, something I sadly rarely ever do, choosing the convenience of streaming instead. Which is why Loyle Carner's 'No CD' struck a nerve, going back to a time when I used to spaff my money on CDs. I first heard Loyle Carner when he was listed as one of the BBC's Sound of 2016, releasing a number of soulful, quality Hip Hop throughout the year. With a debut album imminent, 'No CD' not only cements his 'exciting prospect' tag but perhaps the future of UK Hip Hop.

Hiss Golden Messenger - Tell Her I'm Just Dancing (2016)

Hiss Golden Messenger's 'Saturday Song' was a summer favourite back in 2014. Its upbeat groove had me tapping my feet like a jackhammer breaking up a pavement. "Tell Her I'm Just Dancing" is his 2016 version. The slow-building track explodes into life like Roy Orbisons "Pretty Woman" or a Phil Spector track with its stomping beat. Add some keys as a splash of saxophone and you'll be dancing like a Strictly contestant on a Saturday night.

Old Pa :-
Wovenhand - 'All Your Waves' (2016)


This is from the album Star Treatment just out and I have listened to it and it is worth listening to. When this track starts you immediately think Riders of the Storm. Well I did! This is really nice track and is strait on to my holiday playlist....I should be sipping Singha beer while you listen to this. I will think of you all?

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TRACKS OF THE WEEK 18/10/2016 - Hiss Golden Messenger. Wovenhand, Loyle Carner
4/ 5


24 November 2016 at 16:12

FC - I still spend my money on CD's, I know I'm stoooopid. Good tune and video.

OP - Love the (said like Jimbo Morrison, a Welsh cousin). I could also Alice in Chains doing this, but with more Heroin.

Mine's the best!