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Marissa Nadler - Hollywood Forever Cemetery Sings


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"gonna get...DIRTY"

Marissa Nadler - Hollywood Forever Cemetery Sings (2014)

Has there ever been a better song about getting dirty in a cemetery? The Father John Misty (i.e. J.Tillman) track from his 2012 album Fear Fun, was reworked by Ms Nadler in 2014 (whilst Father John covered Nadlers' drive).  Nadler makes it a bit more eerie, a little more dark.

When I first heard it I didn't make the link to cemetery sex, however upon closer inspection, I realised that the former fleet foxes drummers lyrics are far cleverer than I ever gave him credit for.

The single was issued as a white label release limited to 350 copies by the label and is a bit of rarity for  record collectors.

Jesus Christ girl, 
What are people going to think? 
When I show up to one of several funerals, 
've attended for grandpa this week.
 With you, with me. 
Someone's gotta help me dig, 
someone's gotta help me dig.
 Jesus Christ girl,
 It hasn't been long so it seems,
 Since I was picking out an island and a tomb for you,
 at the Hollywood Cemetary.
 You kiss,
 On me.
 We should let this dead guy sleep,
 We should let this guy sleep,
 Jesus Christ girl,
 I laid out for hours and days,
 Chasing the expanse of your American back,
 With Adderal and weed in my veins.
 You came,
 I think.
 'Cus the marble made my cheeks look pink,
 But I'm unsure of so many things.

by SFW

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Marissa Nadler - Hollywood Forever Cemetery Sings
4/ 5


30 January 2017 at 10:40

How Rude! Both great tracks and very different but I hear this song in black and white and Marissa's version suits that.