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TRACKS OF THE WEEK 29-01-2017 - Duke Garwood, Japanandroids, The Paper Kites,


The Paper Kites - Breathing Fighting Love (2017)

Last year Aussie Indie-Rockers The Paper Kites released the excellent twelvefour. The entire album (including the two outtakes) was recorded in the hours of midnight and 4AM, exploring the idea that an artist’s creative peak lays in within hours. They've just released two tracks that didn't make the cut Holes and Breathing Fighting Love.  

Breathing Fighting Love is my pick as I've always loved vocal harmonies where the female vocalist 'shadows' the male lead throughout the song. (think Fleetwood Mac). Not to mention a thumping beat with a stonking guitar riff makes me a happy man. Great stuff!

Old Pa:-
Japandroids -  Near to the Wild Heart of Life (2017)


Thats what I call a name The Japandroids. They are new to me and are from Canada. This is a real blast and shakes away the cobwebs and gets 'you fired up'.   great stuff!

Duke Garwood - 'Coldblooded The Return' (2016)

I love food and I love travelling. So, for me, the perfect mid week getaway is Rick Stein's Long Weekends, where he travels to various European cities to mash up da plaice. This week it was a city I love, Berlin, which had me fantasising over large Bratwursts, washed down with steins of beer before working it off at one of Berlin's trademark dark electro clubs. Rick Stein aptly described the city as very 'noire', saying that he loves the sun and blue sky but sometimes you just need a bit of noire in your life. Indeed, this is where Duke Garwood comes in, a brilliant bit of noire and Rick is right, we all need a bit of blues in our lives. Taken from his forthcoming album, Garden of Ashes, it's moody and atmospheric, with Duke describing it perfectly as 'beautiful apocalyptic love music'. Quite right too, es ist fantastiche!!

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TRACKS OF THE WEEK 29-01-2017 - Duke Garwood, Japanandroids, The Paper Kites,
4/ 5


30 January 2017 at 10:07

Sfw, good stuff indeed. I don't know how they do it but in aviation terms, the hours between 2 and 4 am is the time most likely to make mistakes due to tiredness and thus cause an accident. Or, if on a nightshift, fall asleep on your keyboard jfkafkdhf;sdhk

Old Pa, sorry, definitley not my ting.

7 February 2017 at 12:01

SFW - not bad for a rject must check out the real thing. Yeh1 the dark hours are the best time......for getting blood!
FC - Could only get the intro then it was agood intro too

18 February 2017 at 14:30

SFW - I get the Fleetwood Mac, and at times the guitar takes me back to Mad Season (one of my favourite Grunge collaboration bands). I like that one
OP - Not for me, sounded good until the singing started. Like a Big Country tribute
FC - I love this Nick Cave song... what... you mean it's not Nick ??? I really like this and will be adding it to my tracks to visit the year through. A good find Herr FC

As Meat Loaf once sang... 2 Out Of Three Ain't Bad, but the title belongs to Duke