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TRACKS OF THE WEEK - 26/02/17 - Fufanu, Chilly Gonzales, Floating Action,

Tracks of the Week

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Fufanu - 'Sports' (2016)

This week my work had recently undertaken a inter-departmental, 5-a side football match, unfortunately/thankfully I couldn't make it as I was working the night shift. Our department's rabble lost the game but it would have been highly unlikely that, with my knees, I would have made a difference. I'd probably be patrolling the midfield with all the presence and attacking intent of an empty packet of crisps blowing across a playground. All talk of sporting prowess is of a dubious coincidence since I have been listening to an album called Sports by Icelandic trio, Fufanu and rather good it is too. Lead single, 'Sports', is my standout, a bit of Krautrock behemoths Can thrown in along with a dose of Joy Division, maybe, and you get a pacy 06:30 of a track. Taken from their 3rd album which was released earlier this month. The Video isn't bad either, catching the band on their sportsday.

Chilly Gonzales - Tear Jerker (2017)

Here is a particulary melancholy, yet beautiful tune by the king of ivories, Chilly Gonzales. It features Pulps Jarvis Cocker and features on their Room 29 album which is based on the concept of 'What if a hotelroom could "sing" of the life stories and events it had witnessed?'

It also features the amazing line of "You don't need a girlfriend, you need a social worker", brilliant.

London Scouser:-
Floating Action - 'Don't You Wanna Be Ready' (2016)

This week I've chosen another track by an artist I was unaware of prior to hearing this song. I love the simple guitar sound that starts and continues throughout. It's the work of Seth Kauffman who does everything in the studio, but does have a band that joins up for touring purposes. This is the opening track to last year's 'Hold Your Fire' album and on first hearing it's a good 21 track listen. They are currently signed to Jim James' (My Morning Jacket) record label Removador.

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TRACKS OF THE WEEK - 26/02/17 - Fufanu, Chilly Gonzales, Floating Action,
4/ 5


27 February 2017 at 17:09

Flycasual. Excellent, right up my street (the music, not the sporting activity!)

Sfw. This is good too!

London Scouser. I'm a long-time fan of Seth Kauffman's music and this is right up there with his best. I can particularly recommend the self-titled Floating Action album released in 2009 - it's bloody marvellous!

28 February 2017 at 20:42

Thanks for the recommendation Mr The Swede, I will be sure to check it out

3 March 2017 at 16:44

Flycasual - this is good. Took a couple of listens but now would have it on my gym playlist

LS - outstanding! Keep them coming!

8 March 2017 at 10:28

Sfw, great concept, I will investigate. I thought I recognised Jarvis Cocker on this track. Some good lines indeed, I like the ones on the breakfast. "It's on until 10, do you think we'll be done by then, it's inclusive" etc.

LS, great simple song like you say, nice subtle beat in the background too. Two weeks in a row pal, you've got form. A veritable musical Ian Dowie!

22 March 2017 at 22:14

FC - I was pleasantly surprised when I heard this. I expected them to have a pronounced accent like 'The Sugarcubes' or 'Unun' (who I saw supporting Bjork in 1996) as the only Icelandic bands I know. the video was far too bloody energetic for me though.
SFW - Jarvis is sooooo good on this track. I like this lots

It's a close one, but on the sheer basis of a video comprised of lying on a bed, I have to choose Chilly