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TRACKS OF THE WEEK 05-03-2017 - Mark Eitzel, Quilt,

Tracks of the Week

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Mark Eitzel - 'The Last Ten Years' (2017)

American Music Club frontman Mark Eitzel recently released his 10th solo album called, "Hey Mr. Ferryman". Produced by ex-Suede guitarist Bernard Butler, "The Last 10 Years" is fairly catchy for the veteran singer who is renowned for his "Melodic Melancholy".

He's currently playing a number of dates in the UK. Get in!!

London Scouser:-
Quilt - 'Roller' - (2016)

I'm loving this track and most of the album (Plaza) with it's 60's vibe. As I spent most of last year in a musical wilderness, I'm only now just discovering it and I'm trying to put my finger on who they remind me of. Part of me wants to say Dubstar, but I'm sure that's not right... Suggestions on a postcard please

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TRACKS OF THE WEEK 05-03-2017 - Mark Eitzel, Quilt,
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