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TRACKS OF THE WEEK 15-04-2017 - BNQT, Ryan Adams,The Shins, Gorillaz

Tracks Of The Week

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Old Pa:-
The Shins - Heartworms (2017)


As soon as you hear the voices here there is no doubts this is definately The Shins. If you had to describe the The Shins music this would be a good choice. It has all that is good about these lads. Melody and harnony and a good hook. That is is The Shins. No nonsence good clean bliss.! 

London Scouser:-
BNQT - 'Restart' (2017)


I have to admit, I do love a supergroup, and this band are definitely no exception. They consist of the lead singers from 'Midlake', 'Band of Horses', 'Franz Ferdinand', 'Travis' & 'Grandaddy'. The idea came from Eric Pulido of Midlake in 2013, and he describes them as “Like a poor man’s version of the Traveling Wilburys!” which would work for me.
This is their debut track and it struck me straight away with it's Glam-Rock sound. The album 'Volume 1' is out at the end of April and I can't wait to give it a listen or 3. I've heard the second track off of the album, called 'Unlikely Force' which is very different and has taken quite a few listens before I started to enjoy it.

Ryan Adams - Prisoner (2017)

When anyone talks to me about Ryan Adams, I am like a doting parent who loves everything that he does.  I cannot publicly admit that I don't like something he does - similar to the way a parent cannot admit that their child's painting looks like a monkey has drawn it (after chewing some hallucinogenic plant).  So to admit that his latest release Prisoners had me feeling a bit disappointed is a bit difficult. The songs are great, each laced with heartbreak that can explode in you with the precision of Luke Skywalkers laser shots in the Death Star trench. What don't I like? Well it's the production (said like a true knob!) but when you hear any of the songs acoustic you can see their greatness. So when this appeared on my feed I had that happy glow again. But please, remember not to say anything negative ;-).  The kids got talent!

Gorillaz - 'Andromeda' (2017)

My son and I watched BBC Star Gazing live the other week and as always pretty mind blowing, particularily when trying to explain distance in astronomical units. Kids always ask you difficult questions in the belief that, because you are a grown up, you are an oracle of endless knowledge. 'How far is a Light Year dad? Now! & 'Is there life on Saturn's moon?' were some typical questions, which took a little bit brow furring and Google searching before I could give a suitable and satisfactory answer. So it would be rude not to choose 'Andromeda' as my track of the week, not only aptly named but a great track featuring Damon Albarn and D.R.A.M., my pick of the preview tracks the Gorillaz released in anticipation of their new and fifth album, Humanz. My brain and bones hurt to think that their first album was in 2001. Oh and 1 light year is 5.9 trillion miles and there's strong evidence suggesting that life is supported on the Saturn moon of Enceladus. Mind blown again.

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TRACKS OF THE WEEK 15-04-2017 - BNQT, Ryan Adams,The Shins, Gorillaz
4/ 5


22 April 2017 at 15:29

Old Pa, are you sure it's the Shins? I didn't think I'd like this but I do. Nice little reference to Thailand.

LS, interesting combinations, this is a good track and may well have a go at the album. Is a bit Glam indeed.

Sfw, We need to talk about Ryan.....I do prefer his acoustic stuff fo sho'