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TRACKS OF THE WEEK 07-05-17 - Donald Byron Wheatley, Scott Matthews, Goldfrapp, Weezer

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Tracks of the week
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Goldfrapp - 'Anymore' (2017)

Late to the party (as always and not fashionably late either) but instant gratification from Goldfrapp. I heard this and thought that is the kind of burbling bassline that buffaloes my wurzel and added it straight into my shortlist of the best tracks of 2017. However, I'm not so sure about the 'Mad Max meets sand in your pants' video. 'Anymore' is taken from Goldfrapp's seventh studio album, Silver Eye, which was out in March.

Old Pa:-
Donald Byron Wheatley - Smoking Gun

Hey! Sam I know who this sounds like, we can all see who has influenced you, but that does not matter, this is fabulous and I can't wait to here some more from you Mr Donald Byron Wheatley. Great video too.

Check out Dylan's Sooner or later one of us must know.

London Scouser:-
Weezer - Feels Like Summer (2017)


I've always been a fan of Weezer, ever since I heard 'Undone' & 'Buddy Holly'. They seem to bring out a great album and go under the radar, well all least my radar, before coming back with another great track. This is no exception, it's got a great anthemic chorus which I was singing along to almost immediately. This is from their 'to be' released 11th album and I'm looking forward to it.

Scott Matthews - Steal My Star (2017)

The last few months have seen some great releases but it would be wrong of me not to share this gem by Scott Matthews. Scott Matthews? Who is he? Well you should remember his excellent debut single 'Elusive', (It was also covered by the lovely Lianne La Havas) which featured on his 2007 debut album 'Passing Stranger'. Despite some strong follow up material, I haven't really spent a huge amount of time listening to him. That recently changed when hearing his 'Home Part 2' album, and in particular, 'Steal My Star'. It evokes his early material yet is perfect in 2017.

A Winner!

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TRACKS OF THE WEEK 07-05-17 - Donald Byron Wheatley, Scott Matthews, Goldfrapp, Weezer
4/ 5


14 May 2017 at 03:35

Old Pa, he doesn't hide the fact does he? We are all influenced by someone so who cares if it's as good as this.

LS, hmmm not their best work....I do like them, they've knocked out some corkers but this ain't Hash Pipe!

Sfw, my fav of the week, a great track. Will be revisting this methinks.