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TRACKS OF THE WEEK 14-05-2017 - David Bazan,The Bright Light Social Hour, Willie Nelson, Depeche Mode

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Old Pa:-
Willie Nelson - God's Problem Child (2017)

This fabulous track from Old Willie's latest album. It feature the magnificient Tony Joe White and Leon Russel. Just a great song Tony Joe White song with great backing and delivery. Nothing more to say than that.

London Scouser:-
The Bright Light Social Hour - 'Tear Down That Wall's (2017)


I've been listening to this track for the past few weeks and have been meaning to share it with the masses. It sounds like it's from the 60's or 70's and at first I thought it was an old track that I had stumbled upon. But it was released on January 20th, which just so happened to be the inauguration date for a certain Donald​ Trump...I've since found that they formed in 2004 and hail from Austin, Texas... A city that I've found so many great artists from in the past few years, the most notable being 'Black Books'.

I dare anyone to listen to this and not bloody love it

David Bazan - 'Care' (2017)

This is new to me but I love it! The intro reminds me of an 8-bit computer game, or is it Blade Runner, but who cares? ;-)

It's by David Bazan and is a synth-drenched masterpiece which asks that all important question - “Can men and women not be friends?” and I'm sure it touches on a man and woman who indulge in extra marital nonsense, but who am I to judge? It's produced by one of my favourite producers Richard Swift, which must mean it is great!

Depeche Mode - 'Cover Me' (2017)

A track that sounds like it could have been lifted from the B-side to the classic Violator and that's a good thing. 'Cover Me' is my standout song from Depeche Mode's latest album, Spirit. For me it is what they do best, a dark and atmospheric piece of electronica along with David Gahan's aching vocals taking me back to circa 1990. A time of spots and bumfluff with lots of brooding.

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TRACKS OF THE WEEK 14-05-2017 - David Bazan,The Bright Light Social Hour, Willie Nelson, Depeche Mode
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