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Otis Redding - My Girl/Van Morrison - Celtic Ray





Old Ma was desperate for another child, after all Flycasual would soon be eight. The news was not good she was told her tubes were blocked and it would be almost impossible to have another child. Old Ma was of course devastated and decided to go to Nice France for a few months with her Mother in the forlorn hope they could do something there. I would visit every couple of weeks which was pretty easy for me as I worked for British Airways and received discount tickets.

She was only in France for less than a month when bingo she fell pregnant. I can't remember what the magic was performed by that French Doctor but it certainly did the trick. In fact she was expecting twins. It was detected that she had the possibility of a condition called toxamaplosis which was apparently passed on by cats and could be very dangerous. It would only be confirmed after the birth and the placenta was tested. It wasn't easy for Old Ma she was advised to rest as much as possible. Things got worse when she had pains and started to bleed. We found out that she had lost one of the twins which was devoured by the surviving twin All very creepy I thought

Old Ma came back to the U.K. to have the baby and eventually it all happened on the 6th March 1982 about one in the morning. We rushed to Hillingdon Hospital in Middlesex and few hours later I was there to see little Shellhunter popping out her head, she turned and looked at me and do you know what she said?

'mines a large glass of Pinot Grigio'. 

Shellhunter had well and truly arrived, she had arrived by the jet stream from beyond the moon.

I eventually went home and before I went to sleep I went to get  Van Morrison's  new album  'Beautiful Vision'  I had quick listen before falling asleep ready to later visit the hospital again.
When I returned both were doing fine, Shellhunter was on her second bottle of  Pinot  and beginning to slur, but I understood and forgave her, after all it was her first day. Old Ma said there was a surprise for me from Shellhunter under the mattress of her new cot. I returned home and there it was another copy of  Van Morrison's  new album. I never told them this story and this is the first time it has seen the light of day. I just did not want to spoil the moment. Now if I hear anything from that excellent album I of course think of  Pinot Grigio.  Naw! I think of my darling daughter Shellhunter the light of my life.

When Flycasual was born there is a bit of a coincidence. You see it was the first TV stereo broadcast and featured none other than the man himself  Van Morrison.  Well as they say  'Too Late To Stop Now!' 



A track from Beautiful Vision album

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Otis Redding - My Girl/Van Morrison - Celtic Ray
4/ 5


21 June 2017 at 15:28

"....When I returned both were doing fine, Shellhunter was on her second bottle of Pinot and beginning to slur, but I understood and forgave her, after all it was her first day."

Hahaha, just brilliant, OP!

And of course, lovely to know that all turned out ok.

21 June 2017 at 20:58

A great story with a happy ending. Well done Old Pa, Old Ma and Shellhunter!