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TRACKS OF THE WEEK 04-06-2017 - Sink Ya Teeth, Winter Aid, The Besnard Lakes

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Sink Ya Teeth - 'If You See Me' (2017)

Someone get some mash for this banger! Straight in to my list of the best tracks of the year, it was an instant tummy tickler. The minimalist downtempo vibe, the 'Break for Love' (or the 'If Only I Could' type beat, depending which you heard first) spoken vocals and the sustained keyboards, I love all that. This is the first single from the Norwich 2 piece and I can't wait to hear more. Video is pretty good, my kind of some point in my life. 

London Scouser:-
The Besnard Lakes - 'The Divine Wind' (2017)

At first I thought this was a 'Black Books' track based on the dreamy intro. After a quick check I saw it was in fact The Besnard Lakes, a band who were first featured here on the blog by Shellhunter way back in 2013 with 'People Of The Sticks' This track builds and builds into an amazing ending that leaves me with goosebumps. It was released in March as part of a 2 track EP called 'The Besnard Lakes Are The Divine Wind'

Winter Aid - 'Where the Night Goes' (2017)

This is new to me and has the intensity of an Arcade Fire track - who are one of their influences. Winter Aid is the musical name for the songs by Dubliner, Shane Cullot and appears on his debut album 'The Murmur of the Land'.  It is his first major release since 2013’s slow-burner online hit The Wisp Sings EP (which has garnered 8 million streams and counting). Available via Bluestack Records and can be bought via the Winter Aid Bandcamp page. Do it!

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TRACKS OF THE WEEK 04-06-2017 - Sink Ya Teeth, Winter Aid, The Besnard Lakes
4/ 5