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TRACKS OF THE WEEK 18-06-2017 - Willie Nile, Grizzly Bear, Jealous Of The Birds, Prophets of Rage

Tracks Of The Week

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Old Pa:-
Willie Nile - Blowin in The Wind


If the Sex Pistols covered Dylan it just might be a little like this. Here is a live version of Blowin' In The Wind by Willie Nile. He has a new album out of all Dylan Covers. Got to listen to that as I love this OTT version of the Bobby classic. Willie looks the biz in this video.

London Scouser:-
Jealous Of The Birds - 'Russian Doll's (2016)

Ok so I'm a little late with this song, but I feel it needs sharing. Irish singer-songwriter Naomi Hamilton released her debut album (Parma Violets) last year which this features on. I love her gravelly sounding voice and the song has a great rhythm to it. It also has one of my favourite lines in a few years 'Despite how much I want to, just punch you in the face... My favourite smell on this earth, is still your pillowcase' I'll be keeping an ear out for this lady, to be sure.

Grizzly Bear - Mourning Sound (2017)

One of the joys of getting a new motor, is the inclusion of a DAB radio. Although I listen to it at home, being able to bring balance to my mornings/afternoons by listening to 6Music (and not having to listen to the 'My Little Pony soundtrack') gives me such a musical caffeine boost.  Then to have Grizzly Bears "Mourning Sound" getting "airplay" reminds me of the joy of hearing some your favourite bands on the Radio, which, for me, seems like a long forgotten thing!

Prophets of Rage - 'Unfuck the World' (2017)

It has been a completely shit couple of months here in the UK and the wider world for that matter, so this is possibly the most appropriate track for the way I'm feeling right now. I would love these guys to be the standard bearers for a movement to...ehm well 'unfuck the world' but it's very unlikely and anyway is anger the answer....I really think not! Saying that, I'm happy to have Tom Morello, B-Real and Chuck-D delivering aural broadside all day long! New album with original material out later this year.

PS, I tried to link their web page but there's an error on it. A right wing conspiracy?

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TRACKS OF THE WEEK 18-06-2017 - Willie Nile, Grizzly Bear, Jealous Of The Birds, Prophets of Rage
4/ 5


21 June 2017 at 04:01

Old Pa, would Bobby approve?

LS, An excellent track, my totw. Reminds me of Courtney Barnett.

SFW, another good one and miles better than Apple Jack's theme.