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The Tindersticks - Traveling Light



THE TINDERSTICKS - Traveling Light


You don't want to travel with me, I don't want to travel with me. I must have done something seriously wrong to deserve the bad luck I have had this year every time I travel.

It was my sister Rose in Canada's 70th birthday and also one of her twin daughters was getting married a few days later. I would have loved to go but unfortunately we were a bit cash strapped and I was unable to go. Suddenly out of the blue Rose's husband Ian asked if I would come over to surprise Rose and he would pay for the ticket. It was a fabulous gesture and I was delighted to accept.

Now I don't care about you but even if I am 68 I was still very excited about going and I was especially delighted to be able to see Rose and all her family at the same time together. I was looking forward to the trip. I would fly from Alicante to Gatwick and then from Heathrow I would get an Air Canada flight to Ottawa. I was really into walking at the time with my new Fitbit watch and looked forward to going for walks. Rose had a beautiful place on the banks of the Saint Lawrence river.

It was the Friday and I was flying on the next Monday. I suddenly felt very ill as if I had the flu. The next day I felt a bit better but my left foot was suddenly very red and swollen. This was very worrying as I have diabetes and we decided to go the Spanish equivalent of A&E. After 5 hours I was seen by a very unpleasant Spanish Doctor who said I should speak Spanish. If I was not so upset about my foot I would have told him there was no need for this kind of attitude. Anyway he said I had a wound on the sole of my foot which had got infected and prescribed a course of antibiotics and I should see my Doctor on Monday and get the clinic to change the dressing daily. I asked about my trip to Canada and he advised definitely not to go.

I was absolutely gutted. The Travel Gods had once again decided to punish me for trying to travel. Not only that I was unable to walk. Because I have diabetes the wound could turn into an ulcer and take months and months to heal. I could not even take my dogs out. It was altogether a complete disaster.

I think I will have to seek out one of these St Christopher medallions. Maybe that will protect me. I'll try anything.

Old Ma was also very upset as she had planned to go and visit Shellhunter and look after little Ripley. After ten days at the clinic I was given the OK to visit the UK but was advised to get it checked over there. This of course I did.

One of my favorite things in the Camberley area is to go for walks as it is so green with  many fabulous places to walk. So many varieties of trees, I just love the fresh smell especially after rain. You just feel so alive. Unfortunately it was not to be and I ended up drinking much more than I wanted too. Not that I need any excuses to drink.

Its well over a month and a half now and I still have the problem. I have put on a stone in weight and am trying desperately to get back on the straight and narrow. Tomorrow I will get the old bike out and get out on the road. I have just got to get some exercise.

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The Tindersticks - Traveling Light
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