Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Best of 2017 - London Scouser

2017 was a nice musical relief for me, having spent the majority of 2016 living in Dubai, I wasn’t really exposed to much music at all. Apart from the theme tunes to pretty much every Cbeebies program. Oh and Peppa blinking Pig... I returned to the UK in late January and made it my mission to listen to as much new stuff as possible. I discovered lots of new Bands that I really like and could probably have made a best of 2016 just from some of the tracks I discovered. I couldn’t settle on a round 20 or even 25 so please try and enjoy my 28 Tracks Of The Year.

My fave five, in no particular order are:

The Sleaford Mods - 'Like We Do'

Catchy and toe-tappingly awesome, yes they say some naughty words, but I don’t care. Their album 'English Tapas' is without doubt my most listened to album of 2017.

Wooly Mammoths - 'Water Slide'

I don’t really know a lot about this band other than they're Belgian and what I’ve just read on their Facebook page, that they’re apparently splitting up. Which is a shame, cos this song is bloody brilliant.

Superorganism - 'Something For Your Mind’

A work colleague introduced me to this track in December, and immediately I knew I had to include it. The video is weird, the song is too.

Kodaline - 'Brother (Stripped Back)'

I featured this as a TOTW earlier this year, and the emotions of the song haven’t left me.

The Proper Ornaments 'Cremated (Blown Away)'

I featured another song by the band back in March and since then I’ve grown to like this more. Like a cross between The Beatles & Love.

I hope you like these tracks, and I hope you’ll spend a short time listening to the rest of my best.

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Best of 2017 - London Scouser
4/ 5