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They Might Be Giants - 'Bills, Bills, Bills' (2016)


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They Might Be Giants - 'Bills, Bills, Bills' (2016)


They Might Be Giants... Now where do I start ??? I first became aware of their magnificence when 'Birdhouse In Your Soul' came out in 1990. I remember pogoing along to them performing it ''live'' on Top Of The Pops and collapsing about halfway through as I couldn't singalong, breathe and jump altogether. I bought the album 'Flood' that the song featured on and was hooked. I subsequently bought their 2 previous albums and remain to this day a huge fan. Shellhunter and I often make compilations, and I've used various TMBG songs and they mostly have been appreciated !!!

I saw on Spotify that they have just released a new album, 'I Like Fun' and was annoyed (with myself) that I had missed their 2016 release 'Phone Power' (once again I blame Dubai for this). I decided that I had to listen to this album first and that's where I discovered this amazing cover. I liked some Destiny's Child songs but hadn't been that bothered so much about this one. I have to say that TMBG have made the song their own so much that it sounds perfectly like one of their hundreds of songs that I've heard and loved.

It was recorded as part of their Dial-A-Song service, which according to wikipedia ''Dial-A-Song consisted of an answering machine with a tape of the band playing various songs. The machine played one track at a time, ranging from demos and uncompleted work to mock advertisements the band had created.''

For those of you who are interested in the original, here it is.

Destiny's Child - 'Bills, Bills, Bills' (1999)

NERD ALERT - They have released 5 albums specifically aimed at children, one of which 'Here Come The 123's' (2008) won a Grammy for 'Best Musical Album For Children'

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They Might Be Giants - 'Bills, Bills, Bills' (2016)
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