Wednesday, 2 May 2018

REM - Find The River


REM - Find The River 


I was watching  Britain's got Talent  last night and a son and father sung their own song.  I said to Michele that is was so  clich├ęd  and not that good. It was sweet and for the heart strings. Everybody stood up, Simon Cowell thought it was brilliant  clink clink.

What the hell do I know about writing songs I thought?. I'm too dark and they would never sell. I thought I should try and write a pretty happy song that Simon would like. I thought of a title  Then I Smile.  The trouble is I got a bit carried away and when I read the first verse back with the chorus. I liked it. Simon I fear would have pressed the buzzer.


It's getting dark
clouds gather to block out the sun
it starts to rain
it's another washout

doom and gloom
everywhere you look
pain and grief
can't find my sleep
so I get up and pace around

don't let them in
these thoughts that make me sad
I don't want to think
but my mind it's racing
inside my head
there's is no place to hide

to turn the tide
I think of you
and then I smile

outside it's grey
mist swirls taking the light away
a wind is rising
I can't see a get out

war and suffer
everywhere you look
stab and steal
there is no sleep
only dreams and nightmares
they follow you

dark thoughts that gather gloom
I would send them off
but they're coming fast
inside my head
they don't want to leave

to get reprieve
I think of you
and then I smile

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REM - Find The River
4/ 5