Sunday, 7 August 2011


Three tracks that 'tickled our tummies' this week. Did you get tickled? Tell us who by?....Please

Old Pa's Corner:-
Bobby 'Blue' Bland - 'Ain't no Love in the Heart of the City'

It's one of these moments again, I was watching the movie 'Lincoln Lawyer' on Wednesday and just loved the song over the starting credits. I had to rewind and play it again, much to Michele's (current wife - 37 yrs) annoyance, I did not recognise the voice. The film itself is worth a watch (just) but it is definitely worth the effort because of the superb soundtrack, which I was aware of all through the movie.  There is a tremendous remix version at the end, of 'California Soul' by Marlene Shaw ft Ya Boy, (original feat this Thursday).  Anyway, I checked out the soundtrack after the movie and found that the song was by none other than Bobby 'Blue' Bland himself. What a fantastic track, what a voice, it is a soulful urban lament about loneliness, (she left him) although from 1974, I feel justified by including it (newish stuff) as the 'Lincoln Lawyer' soundtrack was released this year. And you just got to hear it.

Roots Manuva - 'Watch Me Dance' (2011)

Hello. There's an impending album release from Roots Manuva and I'm excited as the gaggle of women slathering at the 'bed breaking' scene in the new Twilight trailer (disgusting!). I'm a huge fan of his humorous, off kilter and reggae infused Hip Hop as it's so uniquely British (MF Doom would be a US equivalent). There are two main versions of this song both produced by Sheffield badman, Toddla T. The one on Roots Manuva's album (below as a stream), shows a more soulful side to the rapper which is alot different to his previous offerings and the other, on Toddla T's album, is a far more dance floor friendly version of the song. I reckon this track could blow up and be Roots Manuva's 'Dizzee Rascal' moment. Not sure about the video though and by the looks of it neither does Mr Manuva.

Roots Manuva - 'Watch me Dance' (album version)

Josh Rouse & The Long Vacations - 'Oh, look what the sun did'
"Josh boy!" Well that's what I drunkenly said to Mr Rouse after being overwhelmed when meeting one of my musical heroes, whist eating a falafel (hmmm) after his gig in Oxford a few years back. I'm not usually star struck, ok, I am. but I should have worked out something better to say...  Anyways, I found this song after going to Josh (boy) Rouse's website and have got all excited in looking forward to more sunshine music from him. (He lives near Valencia - and no, I haven't tried to visit) His last album 'El Turista' is a gem, but if you are not familiar with his music, start with "Nashville" - you'll have a new favourite! I did!

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4/ 5


7 August 2011 at 11:04

SFW happiness comes without that line and I like the Spanish clapping....going to Valencia at end of Oct to see Andy....may pop in....I think I saw him by the way supporting Joan Baez but did not reaize who he was at the time. Remember he was a bit chatty.

FC definately prefer second option on offer

11 August 2011 at 13:39

Three great choices. I'm so overwhelmed, its a real eye opener that there is so much music, so little time. My next holiday playlist has trippled its usual capacity.
Pa - I feel I'm ready for my Soul Phase. The Millie Jackson, Marlene Shaw and Bobby Blue Band are really floating my boat at the mo'.
Fly - that video is hilarious! I know what you mean about his "Dizzie" moment but at the end of the day, its all about gettin' paid y'all! I like it.
Sfw - I'm not sure if I've heard much of "Joshboy" and its becomming more obvious that I've ignored the more acoustic side of music. I'm certainly getting an education, but I don't remember school being this fun!

12 August 2011 at 00:36

Arguably I prefer his earlier more miserable stuff, he seems far too happy and a little on the smug side for me. I'll give him the Flamenco claps though.

12 August 2011 at 00:38

Josh Roush, not Bobby he can't seem to hold on to any women!