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GUEST SPOT'S Best Of 2011 part 3

We did not want this site to be all about us, we wanted people to contribute their musical experiences, favourite tunes, musical memories, legendary gigs etc and as a result we have compiled a number of excellent posts which have enhanced our site and our music collection. It's with great thanks to you guys for putting in the time and effort to write and share these experiences with us. Thanks again for contributing for the best of 2011 post too. Remember, feel free to submit any contributions at any time, they are always welcome and we enjoy them greatly.

Husband, father and part time Jedi trainer to his two daughters, Jon has contributed and eclectic mix of guest spots which you can check out here.... (Dub War, Steve Earle and Kings of Convenience)
Bon Iver - 'Holocene'
I originally dismissed Justin Vernon prematurely before I'd really given him much of a listen. However, Peter Gabriel's "Scratch My Back Album" - covers of a pretty eclectic mix of songs with an amazing orchestral arrangement and exposed vocals introduced me to his track "Flume". I immediately sought out the original from the "For Emma, Forever Ago" album and loved it. "Holocene" off the current album the self titled "Bon Iver" has been a regular on my playlist. It's just a beautiful track and you can completely immerse yourself in the vocals.

Peter Gabriel - 'Wallflower'
Continuing the Peter Gabriel vibe (as I very often do), Kate,my brother Aidan and I saw him touring the "Scratch My Back" album at the O2 in 2010. In the second part of the show he played some of his own tracks - not all of them obvious choices for an orchestral re-imagining but pretty much all of them worked really well. I was particularly pleased to hear a number of tracks off his 1982 release "Peter Gabriel 4" / "Security" which is probably my all time favourite album of his. These tracks have been released in 2011 as a live DVD/Bluray and album, titled "New Blood". "Wallflower",  about the mistreatment of political prisoners is one of the stand out tracks on the new album, possibly even more powerful with the orchestral backing than the original.

OK Go - 'All Is Not Lost' 
Not an obvious choice I admit, but OK Go really do it for me. Their ever-inventive videos (from the now legendary and much imitated treadmill video for "Here It Goes Again" to the "Incredible Machine" style video for "This Too Shall Pass") combined with catchy indie-pop/rock songs are a joy to watch. Even my 2 daughters (aged 6 and 4) now get excited when I tell them there's a new OK Go video, although that could be down to the cultural brainwashing programme. They both have their favourites - Eva's is "White Knuckles" (with the dogs) and Meg's is the ghillie-suited marching band version of the video for "This Too Shall Pass". Seek them out on YouTube - you will not be disappointed. This track, "All Is Not Lost" is best viewed in the Google Chrome browser as it takes advantage of some nifty Chrome features during the song to great effect, click here to see!!

Er' indoors has supported and put up with me and this blog so a big thank you goes to her. She always has an ear for a tune and the ability to surprise a few gems of her own over the years...Check out her guest spots here...(Roddy Frame and Degrees in Motion)
SBTRKT - 'Pharaohs' Feat Roses Gabor
Given that 2011 was the worst Summer in ages, this song transported me to sunnier climes and to younger, funkier times.

Adele - 'Someone Like You'
Adele’s performance of this song at The Brits is all you need to know – incredible!

Maroon 5 - 'Moves Like Jagger'
I have detested every Maroon 5 song before this but I just couldn’t help myself this time! Maybe it’s the fact that Christina has a hand in it or just that it makes you want to dance – either way, a great pop song.

He has kept the peace in the Falklands (Verve guest spot) and comes out with the 'Best Northern Slang' but he also has 3 belters for you to enjoy!
Foo Fighters - 'Rope'
At last back to the food I love!!

Arctic Monkeys- 'Don't Sit Down'
Always heed the warnings, it's dangerous!!

Miles Kane - Come Closer
Opened my eyes to a newer artist style and I like it!

Biltong Man is quite partial to a bit of Swiss cheese as his guest spot revealed (Yello) but put these choices on yo' crackers!!
Hurts – 'Sunday'
Brilliant and can’t believe they are not bigger than they are. Apart from Man Utd these guys are the best thing out of Manchester in recent years.

Christina Perri – 'Arms'
New sound, new voice and full of tattoos, a voice that can make you feel all sorts of emotions in one album. It's in my car CD at the mo.

Linkin Park – 'Iridesent'
Picked up a ticket off eBay for this concert for £18.90 a couple of days before the show. Sat in the front of the O2 and heard this song for the first time then … blew me away hearing it live.

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GUEST SPOT'S Best Of 2011 part 3
4/ 5


18 December 2011 at 20:41

A Maroon 5 track that doesn't make me want to punch a kitten? Good call Soph.

19 December 2011 at 17:46

^^what he said!! Jon perfect description! I love that SBTRKT tune has an old skool vibe to it, great baseline. That performance by Adele on the Brits was amazing, completely mesmerised by the voice and piano. Nice choices love!!

Biltong man
19 December 2011 at 19:59

Miles Kane - Come Closer - was looking forward to a 'happier' ending with the video :-)

Bon Iver - 'Holocene' - got me excited watching the video as have been to and seen where the video was being filmed. At 05 min and 07 sec I too had run on this beach in a town called Vik on Icelands south coast, which incidentally was completely covered by ash when eyjafjallajokull 'blew its load'. I to tried to climb those oddly shaped rocks.
THANKS for introducing me to Bon Iver.

20 December 2011 at 19:12

I was a bit disappointed with the Foo Fighters album but that's just me. Great album from the Arctic Monkeys though and 'Don't sit down is brillant! One of my favourite songs of the year too! Great tune from Miles Kane too..

21 December 2011 at 10:38

I've got to say I always found Peter Gabriel rather hard going apart from the obvious hits but maybe I sort of dismissed him. I didn't think I'd like this but I'm a sucker for an orchestra backing and though I don't know the original, it certainly makes for a very poignant listen considering the subject matter. Holocene, definitely one of my favs of the year check out Sfw's post on Bon Iver, there's an amazing live version of this song. As for OK Go, I didn't realise they made such cool vids. I have had a look and I got to say I agree with Meg.