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TRACKS OF THE WEEK - 11/12/2011

Four tracks to make the mulled wine mighty fine.....

Real Estate - Green Aisles (2011)
Real Estate are a Indie Rock band from New Jersey who have been riding the hype machine over the last few years.  "Green Aisles" features on their 2011 album "Days", which for me is a 'Kentucky-fried-chicken-esq' tub of "Smiths-My Bloody Valentine-arpeggio" driven American indie rock. The album has been critically acclaimed with it appearing on numerous album of the year lists.
"...Jersey Boys..."
Listen/download it free from Soundcloud

Old Pa's Corner :-
Jimmy Cliff - Guns of Brixton - Ft Tim Armstrong from Rancid (2011)

This is a great version of the Clash song 'Guns of Brixton' and is from a new EP from Jimmy Cliff called 'Sacred Fire (2011)' this is a real return to form and even contains a full version of Dylan's 'A Hard Rain's A Gonna Fall' as well as a Dub version of 'Guns of Brixton'. I had to get this immediately when I found out today of its existence, this of course is straight in as my track of the week, The Harder they Fall and all that!.

So many Rivers to cross
Brixton Version

Unknown Mortal Orchestra - How Can U Love Me? (2011)

This is one of the most unique songs I've heard in awhile, although released earlier this year, I've only recently come across it. It's from a US/Kiwi band hailing out of Portland, Oregon and I just love it, with it's cool bass, vocals and a fantastic B-boy breakbeat, I thought it was an old 80's funk track in the same mould as ESG. Which is why I had a flashback to my youth growing up in Saudia Arabia in the early 80's, where as a fledgling B-boy, we used to bust moves at the local supermarket, The Star Market. I was a pretty crap breaker but I could hump the floor like no other, when doing my move, the Worm. It also sounds like it was actually recorded in the Star Market toilets. UMO, keeping up the mantra of 'Keep Portland Weird',  download it free, here...

Shell Hunter:-
I Break Horses - 'Wired' (2011)

I was skimming the XFM new and upfront playlist for anything of interest and the name of this Swedish girl/boy indie duo really appealed to me. Lucky for me, I struck gold this time. It's almost like playing Battleships, you have to keep going til you find a hit! Having only heard of the genre "shoegaze" once before (thanks SFW for Chad VanGaalen- Tracks of the Week 25/09) and loving it, I wasn't surprised to see it again next to these guys. 'Wired' is on their 9 track debut album which was released in August and I've heard nothing but good press. I love the Mazzy Star-esque vocals and can get lost in it's drumming. All it needs is a nice sunny warm day to make it complete. Could be a late contender for my best of 2011 compilation!

Get the title track from their album 'Hearts' by I Break Horses free here!

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TRACKS OF THE WEEK - 11/12/2011
4/ 5


11 December 2011 at 11:18

Hit...hit...hit! The totw have sunk my battleship this week!
Sfw - especially this track, thanks! Will definitely download. Not heard of them at all!
Pa - really enjoyed this cover and am interested in the dub versions, sort me out!
Fly - deliciously old skool sounding! Shake out the Lino and lets get some top rock going!

11 December 2011 at 16:03

SFW definatly sank my rubber duck great track even better second time round
FC nice bit of funk, great bass, Jack Bruce would be proud of
SH it started well but got little too shambolic near the end

12 December 2011 at 15:03

Pa - Dub-tastic, although the video makes you think about "broken Britain"
FC - I could see Beck doing this
SH - Good shoegazing-indie-rock stage it!

13 December 2011 at 20:59

Really liked Real Estate, nice guitar hook and break. Would be good to hear more from them. I am a bit disappointed with Guns of Brixton, big song to cover so was expecting big ting to gwan, especially it being Jimmy Cliff. Would definitely like to hear the Dub version though. I recently acquired the I Break Horses album through the strength of a song I heard on the radio. This is a good tune, despite the 'shambolic ending' (like that Old Pa).