HIP HOP CLASSICS - A Tribe Called Quest - 'Electric Relaxtion'

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Hip Hop Classics:-
A Tribe Called Quest - 'Electric Relaxation' (1993)

I was hanging out, having brunch in a Brooklyn diner with my newly proposed-to fiancee, it was a cool crisp November day, the sun was shining, kwoffee, waffles, eggs and bacon, with ATCQ playing in the background. Bliss.

I love the video with it's black and white shots, in what is an homage to Manhattan. The wonderful use of Ronnie Foster's 'Mystic Brew' sample capturing the mood perfectly over great interplay, as always, between Q-tip and Phife. It's just a fabulous piece of laid back New York Hip Hop.

New York is a special place for me and who better to represent, than Brooklyn's finest. It's everything I love about ATCQ and the genre, a timeless classic.

The original track is hard to beat but I recently came across a version which gives it a run for it's money by the Propellerheads, very DJ Muggs (House of Pain). I heard it on DJ, Mick Boogie's tribute to ATCQ (check out my other ATCQ post and download the mix there).

Electric Relaxation (Propellerheads Mix) - A Tribe Called Quest

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Singing Bear said...

Groovy. My kind of hip-hop.

This is really good, cool, smooth, I love the slow base. The Tribe were always one of my fav rap groups.

Shell Hunter said...

If ever anyone says to me in future they don't like Hip Hop or rapping then I'd have to get them to listen to ATCQ. Not only is the chemistry fantastic between fife and Qtip but how can anyone not appreciate their unique voices, humour and extremely clever rhyming?? Word.

flycasual said...

True true, SH!

Chalkdust said...

Great commentary on one of the genres greatest groups of all time. And yes this song not only proves A Tribe Called Quest's undisputed talent and ability but also their continued staying power.

Just to mention, the boys are from Queens to be exact. Again, thanks for bringing it all back so vividly.

flycasual said...

Chalkdust, thanks for the comments....Oops, Linden Boulevard..I guess is the give away. Thanks for the heads up, I guess I was too excited to check.

I've just recently seen the excellent documentary, 3 classic albums, fantastic chemistry and as Pharrell says everything was on point!