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TRACKS OF THE WEEK - The Big Pink, The 2 Bears, Bruce Springsteen, Real Estate 22/01/2012

Four tracks that sizzled our sausages this week. What are yours? Let's us know in the comments...please!

Shell Hunter:-
The Big Pink - 'Give It Up' (2012)

Although I sort of liked a couple songs from The Big Pink's first album, I didn't take them very seriously for some reason. This song which I heard in the week, has really changed my mind. I love the hip hop undertones, piano and brass combination. Before the vocals came in, I actually thought it was a nice 70's throw back! It looks like I will definitely enjoy the slightly different direction of their new album, 'Future This' which was released on 16th January. 'Give It up' hasn't been released as a single but I have a feeling it might in future and will be sure to get more skeptics like me on side. Check out the single(this version is remixed by Forest Swords) previously released from Future This, 'Hit the Ground (Superman), below and download it for free! Result!

The 2 Bears - 'Bear Hug' (2011)

This honey pot of a track has been quite a hit around the club circuits over the last few months, I should know cause I've been larging it. Actually I haven't and feel queasy at the thought of all nighters, with work and parenting the only larging is largely done in bed.  The 2 Bears is a side project from Joe Goddard, of geek chic electronic maestros, Hot Chip along with DJ Raf Daddy and 'Bear Hug' is taken from their forthcoming album, Be Strong out on January 30th. Now some people may Pooh Pooh this track as a bit of a novelty record but they're not taking themselves too seriously, it's fun, catchy and more importantly my 2 and half year old son likes it. Besides it doesn't really matter when they can make dance music of this quality.

The 2 Bears..affectionate
Give them some cuddles by clicking here to see their new video for the single 'Work', a great throwback to 90's dance and there's also a stream of the album and other goodies on the official website here..

Old Pa's Corner :-
Bruce Springsteen - 'We Take Care of Our Own' (2012)

This is the first track from Bruce's New album 'Wrecking Ball' which is released on the 5th of March 2012. Full details and information about the album can be found here. This is a good taster and is classic Bruce and if you are a fan this will certainly not disappoint. Roll on March.!

This could be the next song you hear on the terraces lads 'We take care of our Own!' ' We take care of our Own!'

Real Estate - 'Easy' (2012)

I seem to be having a manic 2012. Work seems to be consuming all my time and I'm finding it very difficult to promote the blog, listen to new music, and enjoy it all.  This blogging lark isn't easy and it's hard to get 'new' listeners, let alone win them over. So when I noticed that Real Estate's latest video release featured a 'street team' it made me want to drive around my local town and drop @TuneDoctor business cards all over the place - unfortunately for me/us - I live so far out in the wilds of Wales that these will probably only get people asking when the surgery is opening. Check out other Real Estate posts here

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TRACKS OF THE WEEK - The Big Pink, The 2 Bears, Bruce Springsteen, Real Estate 22/01/2012
4/ 5


22 January 2012 at 17:16

Give it up, what a great track that is. I agree on the Hip hop undertones but always felt that they were kind of adding that element to their music even on their first album with dominos. Thought they were brash and boisterous but this song has definitely alerted them on my radar.

22 January 2012 at 18:11

The 2 Bears song is pure genius! I love those guys and you're right, they no how to break out some dance beats. i'm going to learn that routine right now!
I would call that Bruce by numbers. Not bad at all.
Real Estate hailed one of my fave tracks of 2011 but even though I like this(and great idea with the street crew!), it doesn't have that same "smack me in the face, wow I love it" feeling. Maybe a grower?

24 January 2012 at 16:18

SFW Real Estate I agree with SH not the same impact of previous but was definately better second time round
FC 2 Bears you can get the Hot Chip influence and if it is good enough for Maxi baby then say no more?
SH Big Pink Nice intro and pleasant way love your comment on Bruce, spot on