Thursday, 23 February 2012

HIP HOP CLASSICS - Gang Starr - 'Who's Gonna Take the Weight?'

Who's gonna take the weight? Forget the diet, treat yourself to a great slice of wholesome old skool hip hop.

Hip Hop Classics
Gang Starr - 'Who's Gonna Take the Weight?' (1991)

This is the first Gang Starr track I heard and probably my favourite, taken from 1991's Step Into the Arena. An MC, for me has to have style and delivery which Guru had in abundance and in DJ Premier you have one of the best DJs around. The track was groundbreaking for the reason that it showcased their phenomenal talents, with Guru's smart and conscious lyrics conveyed in that unique monotone of his and the intricate turntable skills of DJ Premier. The Martin Luther King speech intro declares it's political intent, backed up by Guru's conscious flow and held together with a gem of a Jazz loop (Maceo and the Macks' 'Parrty') throughout and you have yourself an absolute beast of a track.

'Guru is on the mic and Premier is the anchor'

I remember listening to this at the time thinking, "this has just taken the game to another level", especially (and my favourite part) when DJ Premier executes his scratch solo towards the end of the song. Sublime!

Gang Starr - 'Who's Gonna Take the Weight'

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HIP HOP CLASSICS - Gang Starr - 'Who's Gonna Take the Weight?'
4/ 5


23 February 2012 at 10:52

Freakingly excellent, sir.

24 February 2012 at 12:48

That was good...I did enjoy that one....I also like 'beast of a track' I might use that!!!